Torridon Junior School

Together Everyone Achieves More


Our curriculum is broad and balanced. High standards in literacy and numeracy are a priority at Torridon Juniors. They lay at the core of an enriched curriculum that captures the interest of pupils and promotes learning.

Year groups follow half-termly ‘humanities-based themes’ (please see the timetable at the foot of this section) that are skills led and promote creativity and problem solving. The themes provide ample opportunities for children to use and develop their literacy, numeracy, science and ICT skills. We value the creative arts as part of our theme work and as subjects in their own right. For example, all of our Year 3 pupils learn to play the violin or cello; all of our Year 4 children learn the ukulele.

All of the children take part in 2 hours of PE and / or games each week. Children in Year 4 have weekly swimming lessons for a term. We have close links with Charlton Athletic Football Club’s community outreach team. Their coaches teach many of our games lessons and provide extra-curricular football clubs.

French is taught across the school.

A Values Curriculum is interwoven into the school’s main curriculum. The school focuses on a value, e.g. responsibility, honesty, etc, each month over a two year cycle. The values form the basis of many of our school assemblies.

Each term contains a ‘Focus Week’ when the school comes off timetable to study a particular area in depth. Black History provides the focus for the Autumn Term; Maths and Science alternate year on year for the Spring Term focus; the arts are the focus in the Summer Term.

Learning does not just go on in the classroom. There are a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs on offer to the children, the details of which can be found under the appropriate tab on this web-site.

Year 5 children have the opportunity to attend a residential trip to the Arethusa Adventure Centre in May. Children in every year group have the opportunity to attend curriculum trips and work with visitors to our school.